• 3 Layers ! Beauty Skincare

    Blogging about skincare beauty products is something kind of hard to explain, since I believe those products should be tried individually !

    However, since I have tried this organic one of a kind brand, I definitely would love to tell you about it more.

    3 Layers ! 100% Organic products made for all skin types, in their collection you will find 3 types of products; Anti-Wrinkles for skin – Anti-Hair Loss for Hair, and Body Anti-Aging !  

    Bod Anti-Aging

    Body Anti-Aging Emulgel

    With Hyaluronic acid & Coconut oil

    • It relives dryness
    • Deeply conditions skin
    • Soothes rough skin
    • Reduces body wrinkles
    • Enhance skin elasticity and improves firmness 


    Anti - Hair Loss

    Anti-Hair Loss Lotion

    With Ginkgo Biloba & Melatonin 

    • Prevents hair loss
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Keeps your hair more radiant
    • Improvement is noticed after 3 weeks of use!

    Anti - Wrinkle

    Anti- Wrinkle Facial Emulgel

    With Hyaluronic acid & Coconut oil

    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • Enhance skin elasticity and improve firmness
    • Replenishes your skin with intense moisture so that you look and feel radient
    • Clinically tested

    3 Layers - Launching event

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  • Mix & Match – For You & Your Home

    Mix & Mach Handicrafts, was founded by the Jordanian designer May Hajarat. The shop manufactures and exports a wide range of products including homemade embroidered islamic praying sets, Wall hangers, handmade home accessories , table clothes, table sets, cushions, bed covers, customized photo albums, books, bath robes, towels, ladies abayas..

    the eastern touch in all products which May designs is very obvious while practicaly is always in hand.

    Learn more…

    Facebook: @MixAndMatchHandicrafts

    Website: Mix&Match

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