• Couples Workout

    There are always many ways to make your workout looks much fun and better at the same time..with very simple steps!

    If you feel lazy, tired and so out of the mood to workout by yourself!! Bring your partner…start training together.. it helps both of you to generate more energy .

    Check the video below ..

     دايما في طرق  لتخلي تمرينك أحلى و غير بنفس الوقت… الموضوع جدا بسيط !

    اذا مو حابب تتمرن لحالك.. و ما بتفضل لانك بتتعب و بتزهق.. جيب اي حدا من اصحابك معك.. شريك – صديق- زوج.. المهم جيب حدا معك .. بساعدكم انكم تتمرنوا سوا و تستفيدوا .. و تخلقوا طاقة حلوة و حماسية كتير!

    رح اعطيكم تمارين تتمرنوا سوا فيها.. مفيده  و بتعملكم جسم حلو.. بخطوات ببسيطه و سهلة من خلال الفيديو الموجود اسفل الصفحة ..

    Here are the steps you need to shape up your beautiful bodies:

    1. Jumping Lunges – 15 to 20 Reps
    2. Squats/Shoulder Press – 10 to 15 Reps ( use light weights; if you don’t want to muscle up your body)
    3. Reverse Crunches – 20 to 30 Reps
    4. High Plank Side Walk – 10 Times
    5. Box Jumps/Push ups – 10 to 15 Reps

    Couple Workout

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  • Twins Workout

    Well, Since I have been working out for a while now, I believe it’s always much fun when you bring a friend of yours to workout with you.

    When I started to exercise I had to go with two of my friends to the gym, and the results were totally amazing! My advice for you ladies don’t let anything stop you , just call a friend.. prepare yourselves, choose the outfit you love, and head to the gym. You will understand what I mean after finishing it together!

    Working out together can be the best way to keep both of you in shape, and to keep the fun up..

    من اول ما بلشت اتمرن بالجم و صرلي مده طبعا.. دايما كان احلى لما تكون معي صاحبتي .. نتمرن سوا!

    بالبداية كنت اروح على الجم مع 2 من صحباتي ، و النتيجة دايما تكون خيالية! طبعا لانه الحماس بيجي من طرفين و بيخلق روح تحدي!.. نصيحتي الكم يا بنات انه ما تخلي شي يمنعكم عن التمرين، احكي مع صاحبتك.. جهزوا حالكم سوا.,اختاروا احلى اواعي للجم! و يلا.. رح تعرفوا شو بقصد بس اول ما تخلصوا اللعب!

    رح تشوفوا كيف انه الوقت مرق بسرعه و استفدتوا سوا.

    Check the video below.. follow the steps:

    1. Jumping Lunges/Squats  – 10 reps
    2. Push up Jacks/Jump – 10 Reps
    3. Single Leg Hip Raise – 10 Reps/each
    4. ABS Workout – 10 Reps/ 3 types

    Have fun .. ask me for more !

    Twins Workout

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  • A 6-Step Tune-Up for Better Digestive Health

    Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too! Improved digestive nutrition enables better health when you make better, not perfect, choices more often. Aiming for perfect will make you perfectly stressed, which will challenge digestion further, and as such be perfectly unhelpful and unhealthy. Here are six suggestions to help clients get optimal digestion and absorption up and running:

      1. Move more. The body’s digestive tract is a series of muscles whose ongoing movement enables better digestion. Beyond exercise, it is critical to find opportunities to move throughout the day. Additionally, doing abdominal twists (seated or lying on the floor), as well as bending in all planes of motion, can help to engage and support digestive muscle movement. Work with clients to ensure proper form and to emphasize not just twisting from the shoulders but actually moving the whole core to encourage abdominal muscle movement.
      1. Reduce (digestive) workload. The digestive system can handle a lot, but it can also get overwhelmed. By eating and drinking less at any one time, and by practicing better nutrient balance, clients can give their bodies a manageable workload that allows for efficient, effective work plus time for recovery and relaxation.
      1. Turn off digestive “DiStress.” Certain nutrients and nutrient forms can support the digestive system, reducing stress on it and allowing food to be broken down and absorbedmore efficiently. For example, cacao, nuts, seeds, grains, greens and beans supply your cells with magnesium, which turns off the body’s stress response (“fight or flight”) (Wienecke & Nolden 2016). Avocado,beans, goat’s milk kefir and cheese, raw spinach, and parsley provide glutamine, which helps repair the digestive tract lining, enabling easier and better absorption of nutrients (Rao & Samak 2012).Under stress, the body shunts attention away from digestion, which can make liquid nutrition a great temporary fix for aiding absorption.Nutrient-balanced liquid-nutrition recommendations include nonstarchy-vegetable-based soups with one serving of starchy vegetable, topped with hemp hearts or chopped nuts; and smoothies with one serving of fruit, nonstarchy vegetables, quality protein powder and a nut butter or other healthy fat.
      2. Build better balance. Fibers are essential to digestive health. Our bodies need both the insoluble and soluble forms, including those that function as prebiotics (food for probiotics). Bear in mind, however, that too much fiber at once can overwhelm the digestive tract, especially if it is already stressed or irritated. Balance your daily intake by splitting it up throughout the day (aim for 5–10 grams of fiber at one time, versus 20–25 g) and consuming an adequate amount of water daily (as a goal for how many ounces to consume daily, begin with half a client’s body weight in pounds, then split that number into 3–5 water breaks, as a starting point). Balance bacteria load by taking in probiotics from quality fermented foods to counter the “bad” bacteria ingested through our mouths and skin.
      1. Bite better. Chewing food more thoroughly and chewing on better-quality food give the body more of the resources it needs. Avoid the chemistry lab projects and hyperprocessed foods where nutrients are removed and only some are added back, in different forms, via fortification.
    1. Journal it. As with anything, we can’t know what’s working and what needs attention without knowing what we are consuming and how our body responds to it most often.

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