• Twins Workout

    Well, Since I have been working out for a while now, I believe it’s always much fun when you bring a friend of yours to workout with you.

    When I started to exercise I had to go with two of my friends to the gym, and the results were totally amazing! My advice for you ladies don’t let anything stop you , just call a friend.. prepare yourselves, choose the outfit you love, and head to the gym. You will understand what I mean after finishing it together!

    Working out together can be the best way to keep both of you in shape, and to keep the fun up..

    من اول ما بلشت اتمرن بالجم و صرلي مده طبعا.. دايما كان احلى لما تكون معي صاحبتي .. نتمرن سوا!

    بالبداية كنت اروح على الجم مع 2 من صحباتي ، و النتيجة دايما تكون خيالية! طبعا لانه الحماس بيجي من طرفين و بيخلق روح تحدي!.. نصيحتي الكم يا بنات انه ما تخلي شي يمنعكم عن التمرين، احكي مع صاحبتك.. جهزوا حالكم سوا.,اختاروا احلى اواعي للجم! و يلا.. رح تعرفوا شو بقصد بس اول ما تخلصوا اللعب!

    رح تشوفوا كيف انه الوقت مرق بسرعه و استفدتوا سوا.

    Check the video below.. follow the steps:

    1. Jumping Lunges/Squats  – 10 reps
    2. Push up Jacks/Jump – 10 Reps
    3. Single Leg Hip Raise – 10 Reps/each
    4. ABS Workout – 10 Reps/ 3 types

    Have fun .. ask me for more !

    Twins Workout

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