• Deeritna – Catering served at your table!

    All the way Deeritna has a new place for you to dine in, now at Abdali Mall – the new downtown of Amman – there is no need to wait no longer, you can reserve a table for you and the beloved ones to enjoy the exquisite atmosphere and delicious food prepared in a home made style !

    About Deeritna:

    When selecting a caterer for your next corporate or private event, you want to know the food is very good, delicious and plentiful, leaving your guests suitably impressed.

    Deeritna’s track record and years of experience has established them as the best in the Kingdom, whether it’s for a private dinner, a birthday party, a wedding or a corporate event, at Deeritna we understand that consistent excellence in product and service is the key to our success and the reason so many of our clients come back for more.

    Deeritna’s talented Chefs are here to serve you with fresh and healthy home-made food delivered right to your doorstep, supported by a team of experienced and professional staff who will ensure every aspect of your event is implemented flawlessly. Their purpose is to make your life as easy and flexible as possible, while maintaining the highest standards so you receive the quality food and service that you have grown to know and love.

    With Deeritna you can enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures – delicious and nutritious home-cooked food.
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