• 3 Layers ! Beauty Skincare

    Blogging about skincare beauty products is something kind of hard to explain, since I believe those products should be tried individually !

    However, since I have tried this organic one of a kind brand, I definitely would love to tell you about it more.

    3 Layers ! 100% Organic products made for all skin types, in their collection you will find 3 types of products; Anti-Wrinkles for skin – Anti-Hair Loss for Hair, and Body Anti-Aging !  

    Bod Anti-Aging

    Body Anti-Aging Emulgel

    With Hyaluronic acid & Coconut oil

    • It relives dryness
    • Deeply conditions skin
    • Soothes rough skin
    • Reduces body wrinkles
    • Enhance skin elasticity and improves firmness 


    Anti - Hair Loss

    Anti-Hair Loss Lotion

    With Ginkgo Biloba & Melatonin 

    • Prevents hair loss
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Keeps your hair more radiant
    • Improvement is noticed after 3 weeks of use!

    Anti - Wrinkle

    Anti- Wrinkle Facial Emulgel

    With Hyaluronic acid & Coconut oil

    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • Enhance skin elasticity and improve firmness
    • Replenishes your skin with intense moisture so that you look and feel radient
    • Clinically tested

    3 Layers - Launching event

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